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The path to enlightenment

Updated: Jan 18

Today you are seeking something. It could be tangible or intangible. Within you there is a desire, a yearning. Pulling you towards a destination like a magnet towards north. So what is this feeling of emptiness? I am here to answer this and countless other questions you may have.

Let me begin by telling you about myself. I am an accomplished Indian mystic. My full title is Maharajah Satguru Buta Singh. A title much revered in Sanskrit and only achieved after years of devotion at the feet of ancient masters such as the Dalai Lama, Buddha and Maharaj Gurinder Singh. The Ashic Spiritual Society is not a religion or cult. It is a spiritual society created to help individuals find inner peace and harmony.

If you wish to find that which you seek and achieve inner bliss I will uncover the path through ancient teachings. You will find the happiness and a contentment you soul seeks.

So why are you unfulfilled today? Let me begin by telling you that all pain, distress or disharmony in you life today is caused by the scattering of your mind. In ancient text the mind is likened to a monkey, always hopping from branch to branch. Never resting, never finding solace in the flavours of the world. Through meditation and life adjustment skills I will show you the path to still the mind allowing the light of truth to fill you life with joy and happiness.

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