The practice of peace

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The world is not our true home. It is merely a field where we stay for a short period before continuing our journey on another plane. Everything of the world is transitory and impermanent. Only through the practice of meditation can you break the bounds of the transitory world and find inner peace. This need not be a difficult task. There is no need to retreat to jungles or ashrams. These places create the right atmosphere but are not essential to spiritual growth.

Our spiritual journey begins with the soles of our feet and ends at the top of our head. This journey has two stages - one up to the eyes and the other above the eyes. The seat of the soul and the mind in our body sometimes called the third eye. All attention descends from his point and spreads out into the world through the nine portals of the body.

Through practised focus on the third eye situated behind the forehead we can settle the worldly wondering of the mind and return to its true origin between the eyes known as Trikuti. This habit of the mind wandering mind brings whatever we focus on before our eyes.

The Atmosphere

I will briefly explain the practice of meditation here . First we must set the correct atmosphere. We are always influenced by the company we keep. If we start mixing with criminals or gamblers we will pick up their bad habits. If we associate with saints we will in turn take on their habits. So always attempt to stay away from negative places or people. Secondly find a quiet place free of distractions and turn off the five senses. This will prove difficult at first as the mind has the habit of wondering into the world. Next sit in the lotus position with your back straight and focus on the eye centre. Adjust your breathing to a steady pace. Imagine with each inhalation you are taking in all the positive energy of the universe and expelling all negativity with each breath out.

This should be practised daily for as long as possible. And will allow you to control the mind so completely it can be turned off like the flick of a switch.

Whilst within he human form we you must make the best use of your time. For with this body you can attain the treasure within and escape the prison of birth and death. While working out the karmic credits and debits your attention should be focused on your master who will reveal the true path.

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