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The Journey

Updated: Jan 18

Like any journey before you begin you must do a certain amount of preparation. Unlike most journeys for which we accumulate objects, in this journey we must shed a certain amount of worldly dross. To be successful on this path we must begin by shedding the robes of the world. It's egotism and pomposity. Its love of trivial and fleeting glories. And although the world has unlimited deceptions the five main ones are:

Anger - This deadly enemy will cause erratic decisions making.

Lust - This enemy speaks for itself.

Greed - This emotion leads to unlimited risk for little reward

Attachment - This keeps the mind entangled in the web of illusion.

Pride - The adage of this coming before a fall has always been true.

With the minds attachment bound to the world through the five senses of sight, sound,touch,taste and smell it has accumulated lifetimes of habits and memories. Operating under the influence of the five enemies it has become completely entangled in the worldly net of illusion or Maya as it in known in ancient Sanskrit.

It is these things we must shed to see the inner light that constantly shines within us. This does not mean we must give up worldly things or practices. Rather we must learn to reduce their influence to the point that the sense pleasures no longer effect us.

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